Exhibition Road is London’s largest single surface space. Tot was the SRO (Senior Responsible Officer) at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for the making of this elegant, accessible space. Tot put in place an extensive programme of communication and explanation for local residents, visitors and businesses to keep them informed about the project and minimise the  frustration  inevitable in such a large construction project. See a selection of the monthly newsletters  distributed  to everyone in the local area.

Exhibition Road was designed by Dixon Jones to be a fitting setting for the  national museums and institutions in the road, and to allow pedestrians to cross the road wherever they wish, rather than at engineer designed crossing places. Tot applied her belief that the best spaces are those that create pavements of possibility, where use is not prescripted, but  allowed to develop over time, to a description of the future use of Exhibition Road.

Exhibition Road was a  high profile £29.2 mil project, delivered on time and to budget, running across four transport authorities and including the redesign of the  one way  gyratory system in South Kensington.  It has won  many awards and has expanded the way people use what was formerly a pedestrian unfriendly, drab highway.

Gallery - Exhibition Road after development
Gallery - Exhibition Road opening ceremony
Gallery - Exhibition Road during development
Gallery - Exhibition Road before development


Exhibition Road - At night looking north
Exhibition Road - From South Kensington looking north
Exhibition Road - From above looking north
Exhibition Road - Laying the granite