Exhibition Road Show was a nine day event during the first week and two weekends of the Olympic Games. It took place on Exhibition Road and was designed to showcase the live creativity of the Royal Borough, to explore how the new space of Exhibition Road could be used by residents and visitors, and to further raise the profile of the Royal Borough and Exhibition Road. The event was originated and commissioned by Tot on behalf of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and produced by Dream.
Exhibition Road Show was designed to be a series of surprises for visitors, where entertainments and debates, parades and ballrooms would appear and disappear, and the audience, would at times, become the event itself.
The event was hugely successful, with 97% of surveyed visitors saying that it was good, very good or excellent and extensive positive press coverage.

Gallery - Exhibition Road Show

Exhibition Road Show - Street food stalls ~ photo Joshua Cox
Exhibition Road Show - Dancing in the road ~ photo Natalie Okine
Exhibition Road Show - Acrobat on telephone box ~ photo Olivia Dunin
Exhibition Road Show - Acrobat on Imperial College facade ~ photo Olivia Dunin
Exhibition Road Show - The Exhibitionists ~ photo Max Brill