Tot is fascinated by the way places and organisations work. She believes that sophisticated conversations between those who drive change and those who live with change can bring about long lived improvements based, not on ideology or comfort, but on understanding and evidence. Her work as the Senior Responsible Officer for the remaking of Exhibition Road demonstrates the success of her approach to creating elegant and sustainable public spaces.


As the Head of the Department for Transport, Environment and Leisure Services at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Tot was responsible for the remaking of Exhibition Road as the largest single surface public space in London, as well as the restoration of Albert Bridge. Exhibition Road was a contested and high profile project. Tot saw her role as holding the project to complete on time, to the highest quality and within budget, and to engage with the project’s detractors to negotiate solutions where their concerns were real, or hold the line when their concerns had no substance, or disregarded the needs or views of other people. The project was delivered on time, to budget and to the highest quality and the development has won engineering, transport and design awards for its success and beauty.


In 2010 Tot was commissioned by the Chief Executives of the Tri-Borough Partnership (The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; the City of Westminster and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham) to explore the savings that might be realised by merging the environment and transport functions of the three boroughs under one management structure. She delivered options to the three boroughs’ Leaders, showing a range of savings that could follow radical or traditional models of merged service delivery.


In January 2012 Tot took up the job of Assistant Chief Executive, 2012 and Special Projects, responsible for coordinating the Borough’s response during Olympic Games time, minimising the pain of disruption for residents and businesses, making sure the Council’s role as a host borough was delivered with style and grace, and holding a nine day celebration of the Games and the Royal Borough on Exhibition Road.

 In January 2013 Tot took early retirement from the Royal Borough and now offers her creativity skills and experience to the public and private sectors as an interim manager and consultant in the management of public space projects and the strategic management of transport, environment, planning, leisure and cultural services.

Since then Tot has joined Greengage Consulting as an Associate, and is currently working as Interim Director of Regeneration at Alexandra Palace, leading the Heritage Lottery funded restoration of the BBC Studios, the glorious East Court and the hidden Victorian Theatre.
2015 – Current   Interim Director of Regeneration, Alexandra Palace and Park Charitable Trust

2014  – Current  Associate at Greengage Consulting

2011 – 2013 Assistant Chief Executive, 2012 and Special Projects Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

2007 – 2011 Executive Director for Transport, Environment and Leisure Services at the Royal Borough

2003 – 2007 Corporate Director Regeneration and Culture Leicester City Council

2002 – 2003 Corporate Director Cultural Services and Neighbourhood Renewal Leicester City Council

1996 – 2002 Divisional Director London Borough of Newham

Early career in local government in York and Scotland.

Previously a Freelance Illustrator, Researcher, Designer, Comic and Actor.

Central School of Art – 3 Dimensional Design (Theatre Design) BA Upper II

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